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My Family Tree - Terry Ann

van der Riet

Dr. Johannes van der Riet (1750 Surgeon D.E.I.C) married Maria Berthault de St Jean.

Dr. Johannes van der Riet was on the staff of the Dutch East India Company - probably from 1746, and it was on his third voyage out to the East that he remained at the Cape in 1750.

He came in the good ship "Snoek". His first appointment out here was to Simonstown as a surgeon and in 1753 he went to the Government Hospital in Cape Town as Second Hospital Surgeon.

In 1761 he became Chief Surgeon to the East India Company at the Cape in succession to Dr. Renault Berthault de StJean, whose daughter, Maria Berthault de St Jean he married on 13th May 1753.

Their fourth child RYNO JOHANNES VAN DER RIET baptised Dec. 10th 1758 married:
(1) Johanna Sophia Wendlij - 11 April 1760 and
(2) Johanna Herold.
He was Landdrost of Stellenbosch at 37 yearsold!
The fifth child begat by his first wife was JOHANNES WERNDLY VAN DER RIET born 14th December 1788 baptised 18th December 1788 and he married Maria Sophia HendrinaHerold on 9th July 1809.

Their ninth child was FEDRICK JOHANNES PERRYN VAN DER RET born at George on 28th November 1820. He married Mary Ann Barry on the8th August 1850.

Their eldest surviving child (one of twins, the other died in infancy) was THOMAS FRANCIS BARRY VAN DER RIET born at Swellendam on 31st December 1851.

THOMAS FRANCIS BARRY VAN DER RIET married Jessie Dand Hayton in April 1877.

Their third child as BASIL HAYTON VAN DER RIET born 14th November 1883.
He married Ella Bertelson in 1912.
Their children:
NINA married William Elliot, children: Shiela, Barry, Ingrid, and Anine
NEVILLE van der Riet married Molly, children Michael and Robyn
THEO van der Riet - deceased WWII 1944
HELEN married (1) Dennis McLure children: Denham and Timothy
(2) Doug Barnes children: Greg

Their fifth and last child BASIL CHARLES VAN DER RIET born 21 September 1923 deceased 8 June 21010, married Margaret Black on 11th April 1957 (divorced 1980)
IAN HAYTON VAN DER RIET deceased 16th September 1975
married Amy Atkins 10th July 1982

Their second child TERRY ANN VAN DER RIET born 9th April married Mark Phipson 5th September 1981 (divorced November 2003). Children:
TAMELA ANN - (married Neil Turner, 8 July 2006)
CHRISTELLA LOUISE - (begat Trinity Ella Jade Walker Phipson, 17 July 2004)
VANESSA JAYNE - (married Shane Weiske, 28 November 2009)
BRONWYN TERRY - (married Daniel Pitman, 18 July 2009)

Their third child PAULA JAYNE VAN DER RIET married Barry Hugh Hulley on 28th May 1994. Children:
JODI JAYNE HULLEY born 6th June 1996
BRITT ELLA HULLEY born 29th January 1998
JACQUI DALE HULLEY born 21st August 2000
JOHN BASIL HULLEY born 2 April 2002

Their fourth child SUSAN MARGARET VAN DER RIET married Brian Lupton-Smith on the 17th December 1994. (Divorced) Children:
SKYLER LUPTON-SMITH born 7th August 1998.
QUINN LUPTON-SMITH born 11 March 2000

This is the summarised version of my family tree as at 14 June 2010
Please send comments if birth dates etc are incorrect. Let me know 'where you fit in' if not on this tree and hopefully we can build the full picture.
Thank you to those who have left comments, my apologies for not replying asap. I have now displayed my email address for a quicker connection! :


dan said...

Hey Terry Ann, I'm a descendent of Frederick Johannes Perryn van der Riet (via his second youngest son - Berthault de St Jean van der Riet) now living in Sydney. I have a copy of a family history that FJPVDR wrote (I assume that you use the same thing) that updates it down to my grandfather. If you're interested I can send you a copy.

Morag said...

Hi Terry Ann
My name is Morag Charlton and Iam the wife of a descendant of the van der Riets. His name is Warwick Charlton. His great-great grandmother was Annie Catherine van der Riet, daughter of FJP van der Riet and Mary Ann Barry. Iam doing a lot of research on their family and have found lots of fascinating information, unfortunately not decently compiled yet. Anyway I would love to swop info.....
best regards
PS We live in the US at the moment

Mary Van der Riet said...

Hi Terry Ann
I am Mary van der Riet. Frank van der Riet (FvdR) was my great uncle. My paternal grandparents were Harold van der Riet and Boudine van Braam. Harold was one of Berthault van der Riet’s children. My parents, Pieter de st Jean van der Riet and Jennifer Dean Cartwright. They live in the Cape in South Africa. My uncle Arnold van der Riet (my father's brother), also has a copy of the family tree - from the first van der Riet in South Africa in the 1700's. I live in South Africa, Pietermaritzburg

Rex said...

Hi Terry,

Rex Elliot, grandson of Nina Elliot nee van der Riet.

Married Nina Teuton, children:

Patti Elliot 4/11/03
Gus Elliot 12/4/06
Molly Elliot 12/4/06

Have sent on your blog to the rest of my family for their updates.

I trust you are keeping well.


Nina said...

Hi Terry, my name is Nina van der Riet, and I am the Daughter of Michael Edward Hayton van der Riet. My Grandparents are Neville and Molly van der Riet. I am keen to help you complete the rest of the tree.


mauser said...

My name is Andre Ferreira, with e-mail adress : I am searching for information, on Duncan Van Der Riet, who was shot during the Anglo-Boer War, only 18 years old, on the farm Sandfontein, Ficksburg during 1902. He lies buried now on the farm Franshoek, Ficksburg. Legend has it that he died due to treachery, or something to the effect. Please help me !

Brigid said...

Hi Terry Ann... just started doing family tree research on my mother's side of the family. Came across a Van Der Riet who would be my great-great grandmother. Her name was Emily Mary van der Riet (b. 24 Nov 1830). She married Arnoldus Gerhardus Martinus Kuys. The Kuys family was very prominent in the George area. Wondering if there is any connection. I'd be very interested in getting a copy of the family history as I'm sure there is a connection somewhere. Let me know. Thanks, Brigid.

Dr Jan Kruger said...

Hi, I am Dr Jan Kruger, son of Thelma vd Riet,,
Thelma is the daughter of Ryno vd Riet born 19/12/1885 and Stephina Catherina Smith, Ryno is the son of Johannes Werndley vd Riet born 26/8/1836 and Margareta Magdalena Sophia Ehlers
JW vd Riet is the son of Tobias Johannes vd Riet born 15/1/1818 and Johanna Elizabeth Egberta le Seuer - TJ vd Riet was the "predikant" at Mosselbaai and Oudshoorn.
TJ vd Riet is the son of Johannes Werndley vd Riet born 18/12/1788 and Maria Sophia Hendrina Herold - JW vd R was the landros for George and later magistrate at Uitenhage
JW vd R was the son of Ryno Johannes vd Riet born 3/12/1758 the landros at Stellenbosch.

Beryl McLeod said...

Visit our webite to see where Emily Mary van der Riet fits into the Kuys family. Now I understand where the name Werndley in the Kuys family comes from - thank you. Emily Mary's grave can be seen in our Gravestones Gallery.
Beryl McLeod

Juju Doll said...

Hi Terry
I am Julia Krone Oliver and my mother is Jennifer vd Riet Krone, daughter of Judge EF vdRiet and descendent of Ryno.....I am interested in discovering where exactly in France the family lived before leaving for SA. I am living in Edinburgh and spend a lot of time in France and have married into a French family. See the following: "Although not numbering among the early batches of French
fugitives who came to the Cape, we find the name of another
French surgeon who lived at the Cape in the first quarter of
the eighteenth century ; we can surmise that he had left France
on account of his Protestantism. Renault Berthault de St.
Jean was born in 1692 at Sanoere, in the province of Berry,
France, and at the age of twenty became a surgeon in the
service of the Dutch East India Company. Seven years
later he landed at the Cape, being joined later on by his
wife, Anne Fourdinier and son. Mr. St. Jean became chief
surgeon of the Government hospital in Cape Town, and
died on the nth March, 1763, having married a second
time Martha Sollier, daughter of Durand SoUier. The
family of de St. Jean is still represented in South Africa
through the female line of the family of van der Riet."
The trouble is that this place, Sanoere, does not seem to exist anymore - so perhaps its Sancerre? Any thoughts? Great work on the family tree and let me know if I can help at all.
Best wishes

Helen said...

Hi Terry Ann, I'm another descendent, via FJvdR's daughter Julia. Enjoying all the research - thanks! Re Julia's comment re the town Saoere... it indeed Sancerre. If you check the website you'll find Renaud-Berthault de Saint Jean in the listings as having come from Sancerre (with wife and son). Also interesting, his second wife was Marthe Sollier - who was the mother of Maria who married Johannes van der Riet, hence the vdR line in SA; she was born in the Cape, the daughter of Durand Sollier (also in that listing) who arrived in 1697 from Clermont l'Herault, which is near Nimes in the Languedoc region - also great wine region. Helen

Karen Bothma said...

Hi, I am Karen van der Riet, daughter of Harold van der Riet, who is the son of JWA van der Riet, we are direct descendants of Ds van der Riet of Oudshoorn.

Harold Van Der Riet said...

Hi I'am Harold vd Riet. one of the 8th sons of JWAvdRiet.he was borned in Oudtshoorn.Grand son of Ds van der Riet.Eerste predikant van Mosselbaai/Oudtshoorn NGK kombinasie waarvan Oudtshoorn later afgestig het.
Liefde groete aan al die VanderRiete.
Laat asb van julle hoor.

Sarah said...

Hi, I am a distant British relative of your mother's side. In fact her great grandfather was my great grandmother's brother. If I am right your mother's father was Lancelot Dean Cartwright. I have been able to connect these branches but I have some gaps which I have never been able to fill and I was hoping you may be able to help me. In particular, Lancelot's father. I look forward to hearing from you.

Karen vd Riet Bothma said...

Hi, just to invite all the van der Riet descendants to our facebook group: van der Riet family connection. All the van der Riets in South Africa are one way or the other related. let us organise a reunion and get to know one another.

Prof. JW Kruger said...

I see pstor Anton vd Riet on the family connection. He is my cousin.

Karen vd Riet Bothma said...

Van der Riet family were originally von Rith. An Austrian or Swedish royal family. Can anyone confirm this?